Our story is a simple one. Our love of fresh ingredients, a passion for Italian food and the great pleasure we take from helping people to celebrate the special times in their lives meant that setting up something that could combine all of these was a no brainer. Then along into our lives came a beautiful little boy called Luca and suddenly we also had the perfect name. Add in a lovingly restored vintage horse box, a great big sign telling everyone what we do in lights, and a lot of hard work, and Lucabuca was born.


Adding another dimension to your wedding, parties and events we’ve designed and built a fantastic new structure with our wood fired pizza oven, custom made gazebo and our pizza sign in bright lights. Our new look will be styled with various tomato tins and basil pots, crates, foliage, ladders, stools and beautiful Italian detailed furnishings making it all the more authentic with vintage charm.


The horse box is currently being renovated and for all our private events and weddings we are using our pop up at this stage. As soon as the horse box is back on the road we will let you know!


LucaBuca Wood Fired Pizza

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